AL-KO winches and accessories

Anyone purchasing a winch must check whether the product has the features to satisfy his or her individual requirements.

1. Load pressure brake:
Winches with load pressure brakes must be operated according to the type and with the minimum load specified in the delivery overview. If the minimum load is not given, the braking function will not be effective.
2. Uses for braked winches:
Braked winches meet the requirements of the new EC standard EN 13157 valid from 01.09.2004.
AL-KO winches MUST NOT be used in the following application areas: construction hoists, lifts, studios and hoistable access equipment.
Machine operation is not permitted. Not approved for continuous operation. Not approved as anchoring device.
Do not stand under a raised load. At least 3 turns of rope must remain on the drum when loaded.

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