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PTO shafts are often the method of choice for transmitting power between tractors and implements. The machine element ensures that power is transmitted between two spatially offset input and output axles. GRANIT is pleased to offer a comprehensive range of PTO products, including parts from well-known manufacturers such as Walterscheid, Bondioli & Pavesi and Weasler, plus a great value alternative with our own BLUELINE brand.



Advantages of a PTO shaft


PTO shafts aren’t the only means of power transmission, but they do offer some fantastic advantages:

  • Low-loss power transmission of up to several thousand Newton metres
  • Compensation for angular or parallel offset between tractor and implement
  • Tractor and implement mobility ensured on bends and headlands
  • Tolerance of the special operating conditions in the agriculture and construction industries
  • Various drives can be connected easily
  • Guaranteed minimum standards of accident safety
  • Easy repair and maintenance



Ensuring maximum use


GRANIT is pleased to offer maintenance-free PTO shafts, plus shafts with relubrication options. Moving parts must be relubricated at certain intervals to remove used lubricant and any foreign bodies such as dirt and soil. Relubrication is also essential if PTO shafts are treated with high-pressure equipment or steam jet cleaners, as insufficient lubrication or lubricant contamination can cause serious damage to the PTO shaft. Regular maintenance will ensure that your customers get the most out of their PTO shafts.


If PTO shaft replacement is unavoidable, we offer an extensive selection of shafts from various manufacturers.


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