The GRANIT range for construction machinery and telehandlers not only features numerous products from well-known original manufacturers. With our own GRANIT PARTS brand, you will also have access to a high-quality alternative at an attractive price. Another advantage: You will benefit from the extensive stock in our GRANIT central warehouse, and from short delivery times as a result.


The GRANIT central lubrication range also features a fantastic selection of own-brand products. Central lubrication systems are now standard equipment in construction machinery. These systems supply the machines and attachments with the exact amount of lubricant required at the sliding and bearing points during operation. They are tailored to the machine in question, the number of lubrication points and the lubricant dosage. The electronic lubrication system control means that long waiting times for manual equipment maintenance are avoided. Downtimes for laborious lubrication by hand are a thing of the past.


The GRANIT repair parts suitable for different central lubrication system manufacturers ensure reliability on the construction site. With our own brand, your customers can also look forward to savings at the checkout and fast repairs. Our in-house quality laboratory as well as external testing institutes carry out regular checks on our own brand products so that you can rely on the quality of our central lubrication technology.


From lubrication lines with the right screw connections to electric pumps, GRANIT has everything you need to support your customers in their daily work. In this way you can ensure that the machines retain their value, reduce wear and increase the equipment’s market value.


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