A warehouse management system coupled with suitable cabinets makes it easy to put goods into stock and retrieve them when required. The GRANIT workshop equipment range features individually configurable modules designed to work with an interface to Thur Metall's electronic warehouse management system for smarter inventory management. It’s easy to lose track of the numerous different replacement parts, DIN and standard parts, and additives and consumables in workshops and warehouses. Our warehouse management system will make time-consuming searches a thing of the past. When used in combination with suitable cabinets, the software is able to find the exact product required at any given moment.


The e-cabinets from GRANIT provide a fast, simple and decentralised solution for storing your stock. The e-cabinets are available in different configurations with drawers, compartments or swing doors. The standard interface for connecting to Thur Metall E-Control or other warehouse management system allows all your products to be controlled directly.


The Thur Metall E-Control software was specially developed for the e-cabinets. It enables central distribution and organisation of all access rights, and seamlessly maps all handling, storage and retrieval processes. You can thereby ensure that products and materials are ordered perfectly, plus full traceability once they are removed. It will also help to avoid urgently needed consumables being ordered too late. With extensive import and export functions, the system also allows the data collected to be processed and evaluated. You’ll be familiar with the intuitive operation in no time.


The e-cabinets can be individually adapted to meet the needs of your workshop or warehouse. The cabinets can also be expanded with the help of suitable accessories. The metal drawers and cabinet doors guarantee a high level of security, and their modern design will give your warehouse a uniform look.