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Tractor implements generate substantial loads during use. Tractors now have three-point linkages as standard, and these ensure safe work at all times. However, robust parts are required in order to withstand the strong forces to which attachments are exposed over the long term. In addition to the Heavy Duty top and lower link balls, GRANIT now offers HD guide cones for an even higher level of safety and comfort.


The standard GRANIT guide cones made of chrome manganese case-hardened steel are very well suited for their intended use in the field. But with the new Heavy Duty version, difficult, large-scale tillage operations using large machines can be handled with ease. The HD guide cones are distinguished by their black colour (as is common on the market), and thanks to the special ball bearing steel 100Cr6 they are significantly more robust and durable in extreme situations.


The GRANIT Heavy Duty guide cones are made of a fully hardened ball bearing steel that is also used for the HD balls, and is particularly well suited for components subject to wear. The special hardening process ensures exceptional toughness without making the material brittle, and the surface is also protected thanks to the electro-chemical surface treatment (ED coating). This means that the GRANIT HD guide cones (category 1 to 3) experience less wear and boast a longer service life.


The connection between the cone and the HD ball posed a particular challenge during development and production. This is because the special ball bearing steel used for the Heavy Duty balls is of such high quality precisely because it cannot be welded. However, special welding processes have succeeded in creating a high-strength connection between the cone and the HD ball without affecting the quality of the steel.


The GRANIT guide cones are particularly suitable for use where heavy loads are experienced, for large machines, and for difficult, large-scale tillage operations. Recommend these high-quality products to your customers for a higher level of safety, durability and comfort.


With the help of the faceted search in the Three-point linkage parts & lifting unit section of the webshop, you will find GRANIT Heavy Duty guide cones in various diameters and categories. Find out more about the latest addition to our range now.


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