Precision farming for every agricultural machine

Jaltest ISOBUS Control digitises all makes and models


Agricultural machinery now boasts numerous digital functions. However, different tractors and implements present challenges for machine operators, especially when converting from one machine to another. Without uniform standards and interfaces, machine changeover is not only complicated, but also takes an unnecessarily long time. The ISOBUS standard, on the other hand, ensures cross-manufacturer compatibility between tractors, implements and agricultural software in the office.

Jaltest ISOBUS Control allows all agricultural machinery to be digitised regardless of the manufacturer, and ensures compatibility between the agricultural implement and the tractor. This allows your customers to use their agricultural machinery as productively and efficiently as possible, and to plan future campaigns more effectively. Help your customers adapt to the latest technologies and environmental requirements now.


Jaltest i-Connect retrofit kit


With the Jaltest i-Connect retrofit kit, users benefit from a complete set of equipment for every agricultural machine. Once installed, the system is fully integrated into the vehicle and enables convenient operation. All implements are controlled using a single work screen from the driver's cab via the wireless ISOBUS terminal. This allows operating times, resources and machinery to be optimised.

This retrofit kit from the Spanish specialist for multi-brand compatibility can also be combined with GPS devices from other manufacturers. Jaltest i-Connect adapts to tractors with auto steer system and gets maximum performance out of your customers' equipment. With boom section control and speed-dependent metering, ISOBUS Control from Jaltest equips connected machines with state-of-the-art functions.

The visual system guidance also enables cooperation with other ISOBUS agricultural implements and with implements that do not have this technology. Thanks to the pre-installation kit, the same terminal can also be used in different vehicles without the need for a new configuration, making machine changes even more convenient for the driver.


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