Durable hydraulic motors for agricultural and construction machinery

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Without hydraulics, work in the field or on construction sites would be almost inconceivable. Hydraulic drives enable heavy loads to be lifted with minimal effort, which is essential if agricultural and construction machinery are to achieve top performance. M+S Hydraulic is a leading European manufacturer of hydraulic motors, steering units, brakes and accessories, and one of the largest orbital motor manufacturers in the world. A wide range of orbital motors from M+S - which have been specially developed for use in the field, on construction sites and for mobile applications, and which ensure the right drive at all times - can now be found in the GRANIT webshop. With the high-quality products from M+S, you can offer your customers the best quality at a great price.



 A long tradition of quality at M+S


M+S Hydraulic was founded in Bulgaria in 1963, and in the years that followed it developed into a top hydraulics specialist. The company now offers a comprehensive range of Euro and SAE spool valve and disc valve hydraulic motors, steering units, valves, motor and brake units, axial piston pumps, axial piston motors and accessories.

Reliable quality has always been a top priority at M+S Hydraulic. In 1995, M+S was the first company in Bulgaria to be ISO 9001 certified. Strict process controls, tests and inspections ensure the quality and longevity of M+S products, meaning that they are right at home in the GRANIT range.



Check out the extensive range of M+S Hydraulic products now, and experience their quality and first-class performance for yourself!


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