New function available for all Rep.Guide customers


The Rep.Guide multi-brand database offers unique time savings for specialist companies. Instead of time-consuming online and offline research, you can find the data you need for more than 7700 machines from over 40 manufacturers in the agriculture sector as well as the first construction machines in just a few clicks. Rep.Guide provides a comprehensive, browser-based database that is available online via a computer or mobile device. The multi-brand database provides comprehensive information covering technical data, torque values, filling quantities, service and maintenance, plus references to replacement parts lists. Thanks to the cooperation with diagnostics specialist Jaltest, Rep.Guide also offers an interface to all relevant vehicle data, such as guided diagnostics, interactive circuit diagrams and detailed system data.


New data storage for digital organisation


The team behind the multi-brand database is constantly adding new machines and vehicle types to Rep.Guide, while at the same time working to improve the available functions. With the new data storage system, Rep.Guide now offers its customers the opportunity to store their repair documentation in a central location.

The new data storage option is now available to all Rep.Guide customers at no additional cost. Each company will receive a total of 15 GB of additional online storage space which can be used in a variety of ways. For example, within the fleet manager it can be used to document damage, or to store diagnostic reports or specific technical documentation for a vehicle. Users can also access their general data storage via the main navigation under ‘Documents’. Various folders can be created and organised here.

Rep.Guide users can also use the machine finder to store important files. Each vehicle is now equipped with the ‘Documents’ tab. Here you can store your own documentation for a particular vehicle type, such as workshop manuals, circuit diagrams or operating instructions.

All documents stored in the Rep.Guide data storage area are only available to the individual user. They can be shared with users within your own company, but the data is not globally accessible to all Rep.Guide users.

Your company can access all Rep.Guide functions for a reasonable price with an annual subscription, and save enormous amounts of time in the workshop even with third-party products. Rep.Guide customers can set up a maximum of five user profiles per location. The platform is user-friendly, intuitive and quick to use.


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