Customised vehicle equipment for service vehicles

Mobile workshop on four wheels


Optimum use of space, order and reliable load securing - well thought-out vehicle equipment makes everyday work easier for professionals carrying out on-site repairs and services. With the help of an individually planned interior, you can transform your vehicle into a mobile workshop where tools, consumables and technical equipment have their place and are always within reach. This will increase efficiency as you won’t waste time searching for tools and other materials. The storage space in your vehicle is utilised perfectly, and loads are secured according to regulations using shelving, drawers and fixing modules. You’ll also leave your customers with a good impression thanks to your well organised equipment. GRANIT is pleased to offer a range of high-quality vehicle equipment modules and accessories from Wenzel.



Individual planning is key


Every trade and every industry has its own special features and demands on vehicle equipment. The Wenzel system is flexible and adapts to your everyday work. It also doesn't matter what type of vehicle you want to kit out, the equipment is configured to fit each vehicle precisely. Our GRANIT experts take care of the consultation and planning process in cooperation with the manufacturer, who carries out the interior planning with the help of a 3D planning tool.


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