Wireless seed and grain monitoring now available from GRANIT

The Supertech monitoring system with wireless measuring stick


Optimum grain and seed storage is influenced by numerous factors. Exceeding certain moisture and temperature threshold values can quickly lead to damage and losses. With GRANIT you can offer your customers a wide range of monitoring technology for harvest and storage.

New to the range: the wireless measuring stick for grain and seeds from Danish specialist Supertech.



Advantages of wireless monitoring


Supertech's GSM-enabled tool makes it easy to monitor the temperature and moisture of stored grain and seeds in real time. The measuring stick is always ready for use, and uses the free AgroLog app for Android and iOS to provide data about harvested crops immediately after being put into position. The user can set temperature and moisture thresholds above which the app will automatically send a notification to their smartphone. This helps to prevent damage to stored goods.


Temperatures in a range between -20°C and +60°C can be measured with a deviation of +/- 0.2°C. Depending on the crop type, the moisture measuring range is between 5 and 50% with a deviation of +/- 0.18% to +/- 0.32%. The wireless measuring stick from Supertech can therefore offer an extremely precise picture of the condition of the stored goods.


Supertech's wireless monitoring system is suitable for a wide variety of grains and seeds including barley, cereals, hay and potatoes. The customer can also decide for themselves how many measuring sticks are used for monitoring. The measured values are updated on the basis of hourly updates or, if necessary, by means of a manual measurement.


Find out more about other measuring technology products for seeds and harvest in time for the start of the upcoming season. Our Agricultural technology | Harvest & grubbing technology range also includes an extensive selection of replacement parts and accessories for the harvest season.


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