The trailer brake valve (REV) controls the trailer's service brake according to braking commands coming from the tractor. In contrast to previous models, the generation of ZF Wabco trailer brake valves available from GRANIT now offers a higher level of safety and guarantees shorter installation times. ZF Wabco is the world's leading supplier of commercial vehicle technologies. For over 150 years, the manufacturer has been developing innovative products for commercial vehicles, as well as for the agriculture and construction sectors.


What’s the difference?
The new trailer brake valves from ZF Wabco are now equipped with integrated plug connectors, making replacement in your workshop much easier. Thanks to the identical assembly interface across the entire series, you will benefit from significantly shorter installation times with the new valves. Reduced assembly costs will also impress your customers. The fully equipped valves are available with brass or plastic connections.  


The new trailer brake valves have the same range of functions as the previous models, but feature various improvements. With the adjustable lead function - which is used in all vehicles without EBS applications - the output pressure can be adjusted on an individual basis between 0 and 1 bar. This significantly improves the coordination between the tractor and trailer. This function also ensures greater product safety in accordance with the ECE-R 13 standard. In the event that the supply pressure drops below 3.2 bar, the integrated emergency function supply the trailer's brake cylinders with full compressed air from the reservoir in the trailer. The built-in silencer in the new trailer brake valves from ZF Wabco also ensures a reduction in ventilation noise, meaning that they comply with the relevant regulations concerning external noise.


Things to consider when retrofitting
The generation of ZF Wabco trailer brake valves is not identical to previous generations. The improvements to the valves mean that minor adjustments will have to be made to the machine when the valves are replaced. These will soon be offset by the new valves’ many advantages, but some effort should be expected when retrofitting.

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