PTO shafts are what get farms and contractors up and running. Walterscheid is now offering a new solution to make PTO shaft maintenance more efficient and easier to control. This solution is the Walterscheid Connected Service Counter. The small Bluetooth receiver together with the Walterscheid Connected Service app make it easy to monitor operating hours and maintenance intervals. Help your customers optimise their operations now.


The Walterscheid Connected Service Counter makes it easy to keep an eye on all Walterscheid PTO shafts and the required maintenance intervals. The digital sensor can be flexibly retrofitted to all PTO shafts from Walterscheid, allowing the entire fleet to be monitored using a single app. It can be attached to the PTO shaft guard tube in a few simple steps, and is ready for immediate use. The data can then be imported into the corresponding app via Bluetooth as required.


The counter records the machine operating hours in motion and the PTO shaft operating hours in motion, and is accurate to the minute. This allows the Walterscheid Connected Service app to determine the optimum maintenance strategy and provide early warning of any maintenance that is due. Another advantage of the system is that all maintenance carried out is compiled in a digital maintenance record.


Providing the data via an app also has the advantage that the entire team can access it. This means that urgent maintenance will never be missed again, and work will never be duplicated. The system also determines exactly when lubrication is due and how much lubricant is required, which significantly reduces lubricant consumption on farms. And more importantly, the Walterscheid Connected Service will increase PTO shaft service life, resulting in satisfied customers.


Discover the new Walterscheid Connected Service Counter




  • The WCS Counter's operating hours queried automatically via Bluetooth®
  • Identification of Walterscheid PTO shafts via ID scan
  • Automatic push notification when maintenance is due
  • Digital documentation of all machine maintenance
  • Requests sent to service partners
  • Manage employees, machines, PTO shafts and components