GRANIT BLACK EDITION Marking gauge, 300 mm

300 mm

Part no.: 11018796

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Technical data:
• Spezial-Werkzeugstahl-Schiene mit Anschlagblock
• Lineal aus Kohlenstoffstahl, matt verchromt
• Messbereich: 300 mm
• Abstufung: 0,1 mm
• metrische Skala
• Messgenauigkeit: +-0,1 mm
• in Weichschaumeinlage
• Special tool steel rail with stop block
• Carbon steel ruler, matt chrome-plated
• Measurement range: 300 mm
• Gradation: 0.1 mm
• Metric scale
• Measurement accuracy: ± 0.1 mm
• In soft foam insert
522 g
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BLACK EDITION Complete RangeMeasuring and testing toolsMarking gauge
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