TREX.PARTS FEM 4.004 set (UVV)

Part no.: 11046711

Further information

Set consists of:
1x cleaner, 1x penetrant, 1x developer
Technical data:
Paint penetration system in spray form consisting of 3 components: Cleaner - Dye Penetrant - Developer

Can be used to find hairline and abrasion cracks and binding defects for almost all materials.
• First clean and dry the surface with the cleaning agent.
• Apply and let penetrant penetrate and then wash away any unnecessary penetrant
• Apply developer and let dry and examine surface for defects
To be found in category:
Forklift partsMaintenance & test material FEM 4.004 (UVV)TREX.PARTS FEM 4.004-Set´s (UVV)
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