Fleetguard ES Compleat concentrate

Part no.: 210CC2747M

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5 l
5,85 kg
Industry & workshop (p. 66)
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Industry & workshopOperating and auxiliary materialsRadiator antifreezeFleetcool concentrate ES CompleatLong-life, powerful and fully formulated antifreeze and coolant
• Long-life coolant with maintenance intervals of 250,000 km or 4000 hours
• Meets the performance requirements of ASTM D-6210(EG) and D-6211(PG)
• Offers protection against freezing and boiling
• Best protection against pitting and corrosion
• Best protection for aluminium and solder joints
• Compatible with seals, elastomers and other non-metallic engine materials
• Optimises cooling system power and water pump service life
• Contains proprietary deposit inhibitors
• Compatible with all common coolants
• Selection of EG and PG formulations for all diesel, petrol and natural gas engines
ES Compleat™ has been specially formulated for use in high-performance diesel engines
• ES Compleat products contain conventional, high-performance chemical and organic
corrosion inhibitors for increased protection against pitting and scale formation in diesel engines
• This product also offers the best water pump protection on the market
• The concentrate can be easily mixed with clean water or, even better, with demineralised water (in a ratio of 50/50)
• Completely compatible with all other antifreeze/coolants and corrosion protection products
• Antifreeze products are universal and are highly recommended for use in all high-performance diesel engines
• Formulated for long-term use until engine is overhauled, and can be used until the permitted contamination level is
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