GRANIT Starting aid spray

Cold starter for all diesel and petrol engines, protects battery and engine, provides reliable cold starting even at low temperatures. Economical, easy and wear-saving ignition.

Part no.: 320320004/12

Further information

400 ml
• Ensures that the engine starts even at low temperatures, in damp weather or after a long period of inactivity
• Easy and gentle ignition
• Very good wear and corrosion protection
• Prevents carburettor icing
12x starting aid spray
Technical data:
• Odour: characteristic
• Density: 0.7429 g/cm³ / at 20°C
• Spray head: standard
Shake can well before use.
For diesel engines: Spray into the intake area. Spray time 3-5 seconds.
For petrol engines: Spray into the carburettor or intake area, such as the manifold or air filter. Spray time 3-5 seconds.
Start the engine immediately after spraying without preheating.
For starting engines of all types, especially after long periods of inactivity, at low temperatures or in damp weather. Protects engine and battery.
Additional information:
Do not store can at sub-zero temperatures.
Areas of application:
• Tractors, construction machinery, chainsaws, lawnmowers, forklifts, boat engines, pumps and other units in industrial plants
• Vehicle engines (cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles)
4,30 kg
Workshop equipment (p. 115)
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Cold starter for all diesel and petrol engines, saves battery and engine, ensures a safe cold start even at low temperatures. Economical, easy and sparing start.
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