Halder Replacement housing

Malleable cast iron housing (complete with screw, nut and spring washer)

Part no.: 32270547


Further information

Head Ø (mm):
1,00 kg
Gardening & landscaping (p. 1324)
To be found in category:
Gardening & landscapingConstruction and laying toolsLaying hammersSIMPLEX soft-faced hammer rubber/superplastic
• SIMPLEX soft-faced hammer with malleable cast iron housing
• Rubber composition: black, medium-hard, damping, odourless, low-wear
• Superplastic: white, medium-hard, very tough, wear-resistant
• Wooden handle
Areas of application:
• Gardening/landscaping, paving, laying kerbstones, laying blocks, fence construction, driving in wedges, scaffolding construction, erecting tents/sheds, house construction, carpentry
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