BASF Pheroprax vial

Attractant combination
Aluminium packaging with 1 vial

Part no.: 32270722

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8 g
Gardening & landscaping (p. 1499)
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Gardening & landscapingPest controlPest control - insectsPHEROPRAX® vial (for spruce bark beetles)Pheroprax is a vial of biological lure combination to attract the spruce bark beetle (lps typographus).
• Hang one PHEROPRAX vial in time for the swarming of the spruce bark beetle (March/April, at approx. 16°C up to 18°C)
• Use the second vial around June
Check out our chainsaw attachments (peeler and bark beetle milling cutter) for mechanical bark beetle control on pages XX.
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