BOSCH Injector

Part no.: 38017304

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698 g
Engine (p. 201)
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EngineFuelGRANIT common rail injectorsSteyrTractor types: CVT (Tier 4B) 6150, 6165, 6175, 6180, 6185, 6200 Engine types: F4DFE613J B006, F4DFE613K B006, F4DFE613K B008, F4DFE613M B003, F4DFE613N B006, F4DFE614B B001
Motortypen: F4dfe4133 B007, F4dfe4133 B008, F4dfe4133 B014, F4dfe4134 B006, F4dfe4134 B011, F4dfe414c B002, F4dfe414d B002, F4dfe6132 B007, F4dfe613j B006, F4dfe613k B006, F4dfe6132 B010, F4dfe613k B008, F4dfe613m B003, F4dfe613n B006, F4dge413c V009, F4dge413d V002, F4dge413e V002, F4dge413f V002, F4dge6137 V002, F4dge613d V006, F4dge613n V004, F4dge613s V003
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