GRANIT Engine control unit CIM 136

For monitoring and protecting irrigation pumps

Part no.: 380991026

Further information

CIM 136
With GSM mobile phone control
• It uses an SMS message to indicate that the motor pump is in an alarm state (as soon as a telephone number has been programmed).
• Option to display the motor pump status.
• Option to exclude the pump protection.
• Adjust the working time in minutes.
• Adjust the working pressure.
• Option to start or stop via SMS control commands.
• Option to start, stop and adjust the speed (only in conjunction with the Elcos servomotor) via control commands in real time.
• Controls the diesel engine speed regulator and keeps the system pressure constant (only in conjunction with the Elcos servomotor)
• Controls the water flow in the pipe.
• Clock for programming motor pump start and stop.
• Acceleration and deceleration are automatically adjusted when the pump is started and stopped.
• Frost protection and pressure boosting functions.
• Digital instruments (operating hours counter, oil pressure meter, display for oil and cooling water temperature, timer, pump water pressure meter, fuel level indicator, rev counter, battery voltmeter).
• Automatic motor pump shutdown (in the event of low oil pressure, an excessively high temperature, broken belt, minimum fuel level, available A1, low diesel fuel pressure, low cooling water level, insufficient pump water pressure and pump water overpressure).
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