Hella Immobiliser

Makes theft more difficult, not visible to unauthorised persons

Part no.: 4555RD 007511011

Further information

Technical data:
Voltage range: 6 - 32 V
Nominal voltage: 12 V and 24 V
Temperature range: -40°C to +95°C
Current consumption (relay open): typ. 50 mA / 24 V DC
Current consumption (relay closed): typ. 300 mA / 24 V DC
Standby current (terminal 30 operation): ≤ 30 μA / 24V DC
Max. switching voltage: 27 V
Voltage drop (10 A): typ. 50 mV, max. 300 mV
Min. switching current: 1 A/5 V DC
Max. switching current: 15 A
Continuous current (23°C): 10 A
Transmission frequency: typ. 134.2 kHz
Coding procedure: FSK
Range: approx. 10 cm
Storage temperature: 2 h / +95°C
Installation length: any
Housing material: PA66
Included in delivery:
1x immobiliser control unit
1x connection cable set for the control unit
1x aerial unit including connection cable
2x blue key (mechanical, including transponder)**
1x red key (master key for teaching the blue keys)
1x assembly instructions
** 2 keys are included, a maximum of 10 keys can be taught per immobiliser control unit.
1,06 kg
EAN codes:
Electrics (p. 1020)
To be found in category:
The recovery of a stolen vehicle leads to economic losses and long downtimes - the electronic immobiliser from HELLA will make it more difficult for your vehicle to be stolen.

The HELLA immobiliser
• Secures your vehicle against unauthorised use
• Is fully integrated after installation and not visible to unauthorised persons
• Is recognised by the KBA *74 / 61*95 / 56*0501*00
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