Diamond micro round file set, 12 pcs.

Part no.: 500100803

Further information

Included in delivery:
• 12x round file
• 1x case with magnetic closure
Technical data:
• Diameter: 0.762 - 3.048 mm
• Length: 12.7 cm
• Work surface: mild, abrasive diamond coating
• Material: high-quality, flexible stainless steel
120 g
To be found in category:
ToolsSpecial toolsElectricsRound file set
Twelve round files with different diameters for removing corrosion from contacts. Using this set can help to improve the conductivity of electrical connections for trouble-free diagnostics. The special round file shape makes this set ideal for cleaning sockets and threads. Can be used to clean sockets of all types such as XRL/Cannon, German, Bullet, Nato and Weather-Pack.
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