ABUS Fire extinguishing spray AFS625

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625 ml
850 g
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Industry & workshopFire safetyPowder extinguisherFire extinguishing spray AFS625
With the fire extinguishing spray ABUS Feuerstopp AFS625 even inexperienced people can quickly, easily and above all safely fight incipient fires. The foam extinguishing agent in a handy can format can be placed anywhere without any problems and is thus always ready to hand. It is operated intuitively, just like a normal spray can. Due to the type of foam extinguishing agent, Feuerstopp AFS625 is even suitable for extinguishing grease fires and should not be missing in any kitchen. Thanks to a spraying range of up to four meters, an incipient fire can be fought from a safe distance.

Product advantages
- Quickly at hand - light weight
- Easy spraying - up to 4 m spraying range
- Safe extinguishing - approx. 25 seconds spraying time
- Suitable for fighting incipient fires of fire classes A, B and F
- Fire Stop AFS62 is also suitable for use on electrical systems up to 1000V
- Suitable for fighting incipient fires of fire classes A,B and F
- Fire class 5A: solid and non-melting substances
- Fire class 21B: liquid and melting substances
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