Safety cleaner Tornado

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500 ml spray can
504 g
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Industry & workshopWorkshop equipmentDetergents for machine and workshopDetergent for parts cleaning equipmentIBS safety cleaner Tornado
Can be used for degreasing and cleaning in industry, manufacturing, repair and maintenance workshops, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, forklift, lorry and car workshops, machinery and tool construction.
Even hard to reach machine and metal parts can be easily cleaned. Also for removing adhesive residues. Cold cleaner in a can for mobile use
• Cleaning effect - excellent wetting properties thanks to low spraying pressure, infiltrates and removes oil, grease and encrusted contamination
• Evaporation - balanced evaporation after optimum exposure time. Minimal evaporation during spraying, optimum wetting of contaminated surfaces
• Residue-free
• Mild odour
• No metal corrosion
• High productivity thanks to filling with carbonic acid
• Complete emptying achieved - even when cleaning overhead
• Industrial spray head with ball valve and extended nozzle - this results in fewer evaporation losses during spraying thanks to targeted operation even when wearing gloves
• Acetone-free - not hazardous to water
• High cleaning power after exposure time
• Various approvals
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