Tip Top Tyre sealant TT SEAL

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1000 ml bottle
1,00 kg
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Industry & workshopWorkshop equipmentWorkshop suppliesTip Top valves and accessoriesTyre sealant TT SEAL
• Preventive tyre sealant for tyres with or without inner tube
• Expensive vehicle and equipment downtime avoided
• Reduces the risk of tyre failure caused by slow loss of air, e.g. in the event of small punctures
• Seals minor tread damage during travel
• Remains effective over the entire life of the tyre
• Does not impair repairs already carried out on the tyre, or tyre's repair capability
• Contains corrosion protection components to protect rims and metal parts
• Free of CFCs/aromatic compounds
Precise statement of filling quantity per tyre size enclosed with product
Please note: approved for a maximum speed of 80 km/h
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