Telwin Automatic safety helmet VANTAGE RED XL

Part no.: 500802936

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Technical data:
Switching time (ms): 0.1
Optical class: 1/1/1/2
Light mode: DIN 4
Dark mode: DIN. 5-13
1,03 kg
EAN codes:
Industry & workshop (p. 385)
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Industry & workshopWelding technologyWelding protectionAutomatic welding helmet VANTAGE RED XL
Welding helmet for MMA, MIG/MAG and TIG welding with adjustable darkening level (DIN 4/5 ÷ 9/9÷13). The LCD liquid crystal filter automatically darkens when the welding arc is ignited, and quickly returns to its undarkened state when the arc is extinguished. This means that the operator does not need to raise and lower the mask when taking a break, which leaves both hands free to work. Not only can the filter sensitivity be adjusted depending on the welding operation, but the delay between darkening and lightening after the arc has been interrupted can be specified externally. This allows the workpiece brightness to be taken into account.
• Lightweight and comfortable
• Filter automatically darkens to an adjustable level
• XL field of view
• 4 sensors
• Dark-light delay adjustment
• Powered by solar cells
• Filter protection in the form of a transparent front panel
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