Transport tank CARRYTANK® 440 12 V

Part no.: 50099306

Further information

Technical data:
• Nominal capacity: 440 litres
• Size: 1200 x 800 x 785 mm
Standard configuration:
• Pump capacity: 40 l/min
• 12 V version
• 4 m hose for fuel
• Automatic nozzle
• 4 m power cable and clamps for connection to battery
1,00 kg
Industry & workshop (p. 261)
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Industry & workshopOil and lubrication technologySupply systemsFilling stations, mobileTransport tank CARRYTANK® 440
Transport tank made of linear polyethylene including lockable filling cap, safety valve, filling level display,
line filter, decanting unit, automatic nozzle, recesses for lifting the filled tank using a forklift, handles for lifting the tank when empty and eyelets for positioning fastening straps on the base. All inserts are made of aluminium or materials that are compatible with diesel.
Container made of polyethylene for transporting fuel with full
exemption according to section C of the ADR regulations.
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