CARRYTANK® 400 + 50 transport tank

400 + 50 (Diesel + AdBlue®)

Part no.: 50099339

Further information

• 12 V version
• 4 m hose for diesel and 4 m hose for AdBlue®
• Automatic nozzle for diesel and manual nozzle for AdBlue®
• 4 m power cable and clamps for connection to the battery
• Reinforced lockable lid
• Filler necks made of aluminium for diesel and polyethylene for urea
• Safety valve
• Forklift recesses for lifting the tank when filled
• Handles for lifting the tank when empty
• Eyes for fixing the lashing straps to the substructure
• Average tank thickness: 6.5 mm
• Level indicator (only for diesel)
• 2" filler cap with integrated safety valve, both sides
• Intake filter (diesel only)
Hose length (m):
Tank capacity (l):
400 l Diesel + 50 l AdBlue®
Weight (kg):
Dimensions (mm):
1200 x 800 x 785
Technical data:
• Pump output: 40 l/min (diesel)
• Pump output: 15 l/min (AdBlue®)
57,00 kg
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Industry & workshopOil and lubrication technologySupply systemsFilling stations, mobileCARRYTANK® Diesel + AdBlue®
The Carrytank is a true all-rounder. Because with the mobile filling station you can transport both diesel and AdBlue®. Each in separate tank sections. This makes you even more independent than with a conventional mobile diesel or AdBlue® filling station.
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