GRANIT Battery tester T5

For 12 V

Part no.: 5070010178

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Without internal memory, without integrated printer
1,76 kg
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The GRANIT battery testers T5 and T10 are able to test standard wet cell batteries as well as AGM, spiral cell, gel and EFB start-stop batteries. All 12 V batteries (operating voltage 9 - 15V DC max.) for agricultural machinery and lorries, as well as for cars, motorcycles and lawnmowers, can be tested.

During the test, the battery resistance is measured by several pulse measurements and the current battery condition is calculated on the basis of the internal voltage drop. The intuitive touchscreen operation is further simplified by self-explanatory pictograms.

The battery testers are maintenance-free and do not require an independent power supply. Suitable for workshops and mobile use.

T5 (without printer):
The T5 battery tester is a cheaper alternative to the T10, but without integrated printer and internal memory. As with the T10, the T5 test results can also be transferred to a PC via USB.

• LCD display with graphical user interface
• For batteries in the cold cranking current ranges of 40 A - 600 A and 100 A - 2000 A:
• Wet cell, AGM Flat, AGM Spiral, EFB, gel, Ca
• Tests starters and alternators (voltage and charging current)
• Earthing test
• Reverse polarity protection
• Test data stored
• Data can be transferred to a PC via USB
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