GRANIT Marten shocker 360

12 V, with 360° sound reflection system

Part no.: 5070011089

Further information

Nominal voltage (V):
Frequency (Hz):
Volume (dB):
Protection class:
Dimensions L x W x H (mm):
88 x 70 x 55
Cable length (m):
90 g
Electrics (p. 1022)
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ElectricsProtection/monitoring/coolingMarten protectionMarten shocker 360°
Marten shocker - the 360° cannon to deter martens

Marten shocker with sound reflection system - 360-degree emission.

This high-performance shocker protects your car from annoying marten damage which can have serious consequences. Above a piezo speaker with a Nawi diaphragm is a convex cone which has the same shape and diameter as the Nawi diaphragm. The convex cone is arranged at a specific distance above the central axle. The height of the cone and the distance are tailored to the narrowband emission frequency and the sound pressure.

Thanks to this arrangement the system generates a high sound pressure and boasts 360-degree emission. A high-performance ultrasonic generator with a C-MOS output stage drives the piezo speaker. The piezo speaker generates an ultrasonic tone of 22.5 kHz +/- 1 kHz, which is not audible to humans.

The sound level scares away martens and wild animals up to a range of approx. 350 metres.

The system switches on and off at specific intervals. A white, ultra-bright light-emitting diode also unsettles martens.

Technical data:
• Reverse polarity protection, therefore no fuse required
• Shockproof and splashproof
• Easy installation
• Low power consumption
• Emission angle approx. 360°
• Sound pressure 110 dB
• Distance approx. 200 m
• 12 V DC connection
• Dimensions (H/W/D): 55/88/70 mm
• 1.50 m connection cable
• Developed and manufactured in Germany
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