Herth & Buss Test box - vehicle and trailer

12 V | 7- and 13-pin

Part no.: 50795980444

Further information

The vehicle side is tested
by a microprocessor, which eliminates
load resistance and thermal loads.
The trailer plug is tested
using a rear-mounted connector.
A low test voltage is applied
to the respective circuit in order to detect circuit interruptions
or defective bulbs.
• For vehicles with or without CAN bus
• Supplied including button battery, 7-pin
Plug system adaptor and storage case
CR 2032 - button cell
Cable length (m):
Nominal voltage (V):
7-pin - 1724 N type
13-pin - 11446
1,69 kg
EAN codes:
Electrics (p. 1079)
To be found in category:
ElectricsConnection technologyPlug/socket testersTest box for vehicles and trailers 12 V
The tester is used for electrical simulation of the towing vehicle, and for testing the electrical connections of the trailer cable and the trailer lighting. Can be used anywhere thanks to the integrated battery.

During testing, the trailer cable plug is connected to the tester. Select the desired rotary switch position (see instructions for rotary switch symbol meanings). The control LED lights up to indicate whether there is current flow.

• With integrated battery
• Deep discharge protection for battery
• LED display for battery state of charge
• Automatic shut-off after 2 minutes without use, in the event of short circuit, at currents above 4 A
• With Multicon (spring) socket
• Can be used for 7- and 13-pin plugs

Technical data:
Operating voltage 12V DC/3V DC (CR2032 battery: 30030010)
Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 80 mm

Packed in a sturdy plastic case with 5 m cable, 7- and 13-pin, including short adaptor 13-/7-pin for vehicles with or without control unit and automatic trailer detection 12 V towing vehicle and trailer tester.
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