GRANIT Battery tester RNU655P

with built-in report printer

Part no.: 507RNU655P

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6 + 12
Battery tester 6 volts + 12 volts This battery tester measures the batteries in seconds using the conductivity method. The unit can perform quick, easy and accurate battery or system tests in seconds without heat generation, sparks or possible misinterpretation by the user. The results can be immediately printed out as a report and reviewed with the customer. This makes preventive maintenance routines more effective and improves customer service. Thanks to the patented conductance technology and the tried and tested reliability, the tester is used for warranty tests and precautionary maintenance. Features in detail: • With integrated printer for protocol printout and protocol documentation of the measurements • Tests and checks wet, AGM and GEL 6 volt + 12 volt batteries in agricultural machinery, cars and vans using the conductivity method, motorbikes and trucks • Tests and checks the voltage of starters and charging systems (also for 24 volt systems) and documents the results in the protocol printout • Can be used for batteries with cold current values of 100 - 1200 EN • Detects defective battery cells and documents this in the protocol printout • Reverse polarity protection • Compatible with JIS, DIN, EN, IEC, SAE standards • Performs battery diagnosis SOH (battery condition) • Temperature compensation is taken into account • Cable length: 305 cm, exchangeable • 5-line backlit LCD display • Card reader for upcoming software updates • 24 languages
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