GRANIT Wildlife saver

Effective wildlife rescue & wildlife deterrence

Part no.: 525525643


Further information

• Splashproof
• Low power consumption
• Easy to use
• Volume: 94 dB
The fawn saver is a universal, time-saving tool for deterring game that will minimise the number of personnel employed for fawn saving operations. The loud beeps and blue flashing light prevent fawns from being left in the field by keeping game away from dangerous areas. The interval switching function gives the doe time to lead her fawn out of the meadow. The blue flashing light also drives away other wildlife such as wild boar or predatory game. The device is powered by four standard 1.5 V batteries integrated in the housing. These last for approximately six months when the device is operated at intervals.

• LED flash, continuous
• LED flash, at intervals (10 min. off, 10 sec. on)
• Beep and LED flash, continuous
• Beep and LED flash, at intervals (10 min. off, 10 sec. on)
Technical data:
• Waterproof housing
• Beep: 94 dB
• Blue flashing light
• Four individually adjustable programmes
• Operation with four integrated 1.5 V batteries
• Operating time: approx. 6 months (with interval operation)
• Control beep during start-up
• Size: 14.5 cm x 8.5 cm x 3.5 cm
• Weight: 252 g (with batteries)
266 g
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