GRANIT Wildlife saver

Effective wildlife rescue & wildlife deterrence

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The fawn saver - our advanced game deterrent device - allows does to independently guide their fawns out of danger.
The large working width and high speed of harvesters mean that young animals are at risk of being killed. Animals killed by mowers leave deadly pathogens (botulism) in the harvested feed. Severe poisoning can occur if contaminated feed is consumed.
The solution: use the fawn saver. Success rate of 90 to 100% in our own tests. The fawn saver is a visual/acoustic game deterrent device. The signals are randomly generated so that animals don’t get used to them. The simple application means that even large areas can be protected quickly and cost-effectively: approx. 10 to 20 ha can be covered with just 3 devices.
• Observe the areas in question 2 weeks before mowing
• Set up the fawn savers 1-2 days before mowing
• Mow from the inside out
• Monitor the performance in the evening after mowing
These steps will help to optimise the performance of the fawn saver.
Possible applications:
• Rescuing fawns
• Guiding game for hunting while avoiding damage
• Protecting arable and forest crops
• Scaring away martens
Technical data:
Micro USB charging port (mobile phone charging cable, not included)
• Rainproof
• 2 beepers (up to 85dB)
• Random tone change as a result of thermal noise
• 4 extremely bright blue LEDs
• Brightness sensor (no flashing in daylight)
• Up to 14 days runtime
• Replaceable battery
120 g
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