GRANIT Booster PS 3100

For 12 V vehicle electrical system

Part no.: 58500070

Further information

Mains voltage (V):
230 (50 - 60 Hz)
Max. charging voltage (V):
Charging current (A):
Start peak power (A):
Capacity (Ah):
1 x 23
Dimensions L x W x H (mm):
310 x 160 x 370
• Ideal for all applications requiring a strong starter and/or an additional portable power source
• The efficient power supply is provided via two fully insulated clamps with integrated fuse (500 A)
• Suitable for all equipment and vehicles with a 12 V system
• The ABS anti-shock housing offers maximum safety for professional use

Functions and features:
• As an additional power source (memory saver)
• As an additional, versatile power source
• Including automatic charger and cable for cigarette lighter
• Gas-tight special lead acid battery
• Protected against voltage peaks
• Made in Switzerland


This device is subject to constant slow self-discharge and is therefore not suitable for long-term storage in warehouses or sales rooms. Please fully charge the device at least every three months using the charger included to prevent damage to the battery. Damage caused by insufficient charging is not covered by the warranty.

Cable length (m):
Charging voltage (V):
Cable cross section (mm²):
Additional information:
Made in Switzerland
13,59 kg
EAN codes:
Workshop equipment (p. 117)
To be found in category:
Workshop equipmentBattery technologyStarting aidsPortable mobile start booster 12V, for petrol and diesel engines. (Made in Switzerland)
Ideal for all applications that require a powerful starter and/or an additional portable power source. Efficient power supply is provided by two fully insulated clamps and 25 mm² wires, suitable for all devices and vehicles with 12 volt system.<> <> The ABS anti-shock housing provides full safety for professional use.

Functions and features:
- as an additional energy source (memory saver)
- as an additional versatile energy source (for electrical devices with 12 V)
- includes automatic charger and cable for cigarette lighter
- gas-tight special lead-acid battery
- voltage peaks protected
- made in Switzerland
Note: xml-ph-0 Please fully charge the instrument at least every three months using the enclosed charger to avoid damage to the battery. Damage due to insufficient charging does not constitute a warranty claim.
This item cannot be returned or cancelled.
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