GRANIT Start booster X7

Part no.: 58500078

Further information

15 V / 1 A
Starting/peak current (A):
250 / 500
Capacity (Ah):
Temp. max. (°C):
-20 bis +50
Output current (A):
2 (5V) / 10 (12V)
Charging time (h):
Dimensions L x W x H (mm):
181 x 95 x 40
1,52 kg
EAN codes:
Workshop equipment (p. 115)
To be found in category:
Workshop equipmentBattery technologyStarting aidsGRANIT Startbooster X7
- Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 181 x 95 x 40
- input: 15 V / 1 A
- starting/peak current (A): 250 / 500
- capacity (Ah): 15
- temp. max. (°C): -20 to +50
- max. output current (A): 2 (5V) / 10 (12V)
- charging time (h): 6

This device is subject to constant slow self-discharge and is therefore not suitable for long-term storage in a warehouse or salesroom. Please fully charge the device at least every three months using the enclosed charger to avoid damage to the battery. Damage due to insufficient charging does not justify a warranty claim.
This item cannot be returned or cancelled.
GRANIT replacement parts are not intended to be sold as OEM parts. OEM part numbers are provided for reference purposes only. All prices are in €, excl. VAT. Errors reserved. Delivery subject to availability.