Condensation drain, Blitz Bekomat 31

Part no.: 6102210BEK001A

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Working pressure (bar):
Temperature (°C):
Dimensions (mm):
69 x 134 x 115
Technical data:
Condensate connection inlet: 1/2” thread
Condensate connection outlet: 1/4” thread
Dryer capacity 5 m³/min
Filter capacity 25 m³/min
Volume flow 2.5 m³/min
1,05 kg
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Industry & workshopCompressed airBlitz compressors and accessoriesCondensation drainBlitz Bekomat 31
Product features: regardless of the purpose for which you use compressed air, it must always be of very good quality. However, condensation present in compressed air systems reduces this quality. When generating compressed air, a build-up of condensation is unavoidable. It may contain oil or may be oil-free and thus aggressive. It may also contain dirt particles (e.g. rust) and other dangerous contaminants, meaning that high demands are placed on the compressed air treatment process. The sole objective: to remove condensation and its impurities. Why do you need a "smart" condensation drain? Compressed air condensation does not accrue in continuous quantities. Reliable and intelligent drainage adapted to the quantity present is only achieved removal from the compressed air system takes place at all collection points, and without unnecessary pressure losses, thus lowering energy costs. Intelligent control prevents unnecessary losses of compressed air and allows substantial savings.
The connection to the compressed air network is very simple as the inlet and outlet are arranged symmetrically. The process is possible with hose connection or piping.
The wear-free capacitive sensor detects any condensation - even pure oil.
The electronics consist of an integrated power supply module and the control unit that always operates with a low voltage of 24 VDC that is safe to touch.
The Bekomat constantly monitors itself, the LED display shows all operating states reliably. Monitoring elements and the control unit are splashproof according to IP 65.
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