GRANIT Leakage search device air conditioning

Part no.: 652001003


Further information

with battery condition display / with illuminated LCD display
Width (mm):
Height (mm):
Charging voltage (V):
Plastic housing, black
Depth (mm):
• with illuminated LCD display
• with battery condition display
• plastic housing, 44 x 175 x 36 mm
• with acoustic alarm
• integrated working lamp
• automatic zero point calibration in fresh air, review, error detection
• Output voltage 9V, Ø 2.5 mm
Supplementary set:
with acoustic alarm
Additional information:
with integrated working lamp
753 g
EAN codes:
Electrics (p. 1587)
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ElectricsAir conditioning technologyGRANIT workshop equipment and accessoriesLeak detection unit SelectH₂ mini
The selective gas detector for every workshop
The SelectH₂ mini has a professional leak detector with important features. The product is made in Germany and allows large lorry and bus air conditioning systems to be tested safely and economically. With its illuminated LCD display, battery status indicator and ergonomic plastic housing design, the SelectH₂ mini leak detection unit guarantees lasting and environmentally friendly leak detection. The flexible gooseneck makes the leak detection process much easier. The high sensitivity of the gas detector means that traces of gas in the ppm range can be detected. 1 ppm (part per million; number of particles per million other particles) is, for example, 1 cm³ of gas in 1 m³ of air. The SelectH₂ mini gas detector will measure up to 999 ppm on this scale. When 1000 ppm is reached, the vol % range will switch to 0,1 vol %.
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