CGS LS 4000 leak detector

Part no.: 6520010054

Further information

Dimensions (mm):
172 x 66 x 56
Technical data:

• R1234YF, 134a forming gas: 3 g/year
• R-404A: 4 g/year

• R1234YF, 134a forming gas: 15 g/year
• R-404A: 20 g/year

• R1234YF, 134a forming gas: 30 g/year
• R-404A: 40 g/year
• Microprocessor control with digital signal processor
• Suction pump with multicoloured display
• Adjustable sensitivity
• Low battery indicator
• Heated semiconductor gas sensor
• Detection of numerous safety refrigerants
• Flexible probe approx. 40 cm long
• RESET for ambient concentrations
• Durable brushless low-voltage fan
• Including test equipment for checking the sensor, 1 set of batteries and carry case
• Working temperature and humidity from 0 to 40°C and 80% RH
• Storage temperature and humidity from -10 to 60°C and 70% RH

Responds to the following media:
• Forming gas (95% N2, 5% H2)
• R-134a, R1234YF, R-404a, R-407c, R-410a, etc.

Important notice:
The leak detector must not be tested in full gas flow. (Do not hold directly to the forming gas bottle.) This will reduce the service life of the sensor. A reference bottle is included for testing the sensor (type LS4000-B).
Additional information:
• Certified according to F-gas regulation
1,21 kg
EAN codes:
Electrics (p. 1588)
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ElectricsAir conditioning technologyGRANIT workshop equipment and accessoriesAutomatic leakage detector for refrigerants & forming gas
LS4000 is a highly equipped and intelligent halogen leakage detector with the latest technology. Thanks to heated semiconductor gas technology and gas circulation pump almost no false signals. All safety refrigerants can be detected in this way.

The new handy shaped device with LED displays is easy to use and extremely reliable and precise in the display of leakages. Particularly visible individual LEDs indicate the size of the leakages; the keys allow a simple mode of operation and operation.

The extremely effective suction pump ensures a particularly accurate detection of leakages because the uniform suction flow it produces passes the sensor.

The sensor type LSXS4 has a durability of 8600 hours.

Please do not use the leak detector for testing in the full gas flow (e.g. do not hold directly to forming gas bottle). This would reduce the durability of the product.

For testing the sensor, a reference bottle type LS4000-B is included; please also replace this with sensor.

The leak search using an electronic leak search device is a very accurate and simple method with relatively low investment. According to the latest F-Gas Regulation, an accuracy of 3g refrigerant loss per year is required (please note when buying). With this sensitivity, simple devices can also react to some foreign gases, such as petrol vapours etc.
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