CGS Electronic leak detector LS 4000

For refrigerants R134a R1234YF R513a R407c R404a R452a

Part no.: 6520010054

Further information

Dimensions (mm):
172 x 66 x 56
Technical data:

• R1234YF, 134a forming gas: 3 g/year
• R-404A: 4 g/year

• R1234YF, 134a forming gas: 15 g/year
• R-404A: 20 g/year

• R1234YF, 134a forming gas: 30 g/year
• R-404A: 40 g/year
• Microprocessor control with digital signal processor
• Suction pump with multicoloured display
• Adjustable sensitivity
• Low battery indicator
• Heated semiconductor gas sensor
• Detection of numerous safety refrigerants
• Flexible probe approx. 40 cm long
• RESET for ambient concentrations
• Durable brushless low-voltage fan
• Including test equipment for checking the sensor, 1 set of batteries and carry case
• Working temperature and humidity from 0 to 40°C and 80% RH
• Storage temperature and humidity from -10 to 60°C and 70% RH

Responds to the following media:
• Forming gas (95% N2, 5% H2)
• R-134a, R1234YF, R-404a, R-407c, R-410a, etc.

Important notice:
The leak detector must not be tested in full gas flow. (Do not hold directly to the forming gas bottle.) This will reduce the service life of the sensor. A reference bottle is included for testing the sensor (type LS4000-B).
Additional information:
• Certified according to F-gas regulation
Areas of application:
• Refrigerant R134a R1234YF R513a R407c R404a R452a, less sensitive to foreign gases
1,15 kg
EAN codes:
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Workshop equipmentTesting, measuring and diagnostic technologySmall test equipmentUltrasonic leak detector, Scangrip ULTRASONIC EASY FLEX
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