WAECO Roof-mounted air conditioning FreshAir HDE

prefilled with refrigerant R134a

Part no.: 65288812001126

Further information

Technical data:
Operating voltage: 12 V
Power consumption: 90 A
Generator power min.: 100 A
Refrigeration power: 2200 W
Compressor: electric
Inverter technology: yes
Air volume current 400 m³/h
Refrigerants: R134a
Prefilled: yes
Version: Cooling / circulation
Cabin size: 2 - 3 m³
Dimensions L x W x H (mm):
766 x 537 x 213
Power (watts):
Operating voltage (V):
Air flow (m³/h):
10 g
EAN codes:
Electrics (p. 1577)
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ElectricsAir conditioning technologyRoof-mounted air conditioning systemsWAECO FreshAir HDE
WAECO FreshAir HDE improves the working climate on board agricultural machines, forest vehicles, cranes, forklifts and terminal vehicles. The new roof-mounted climate system of WAECO ensures a fast cooling of the cabin air and balances changing external temperatures effortlessly. The powerful compressor runs with little noise. Modern WAECO Inverter technology protects against overvoltage and deep discharge of the vehicle battery. Practical during assembly: The light, compact roof-mounted air conditioning system is already prefilled with refrigerants from the factory .
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