ARAG Hydraulic stirrer

Part no.: 670502053

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984 g
Plant spraying (p. 1012)
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Plant sprayingTanks, filling systems, cleaning and accessoriesMixing nozzlesARAG mixing nozzlesHydraulic stirrer SUPERMIX
Includes three circuits in a single housing:
A Pressure
B Return
C Product injection, additional pump or air mixing

At operating pressure, the mixing capacity (which is higher than the mixing capacity of conventional systems) enables a flow rate of 300 to 1300 l/min, depending on the pump and nozzle used. The consumption is shown on graph A2, and the corresponding output with nozzles with a diameter of 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3 mm is shown on graph A1.

Circuit B: RETURN
This circuit uses the pump’s return flow during track end procedures, manoeuvring and tank filling when the entire pump outlet passes through the circuit. Recommended for low-pressure, medium- and low-volume treatments, pneumatic systems and weed control.

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