Lechler Wind gauge

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Plant spraying (p. 1049)
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Plant sprayingAccessoriesWind gaugesLECHLER wind gauge Pocketwind IV + Humidity
The new LECHLER Pocketwind IV with self-calibrating humidity sensor.

Measured values:
• Humidity (relative humidity, dew point, T, humidity thermometer)
• Wind speed (maximum and average wind speed, can be switched between m/s, km/h, fpm, mph, kn and bft)
• Temperature / wind chill (can be switched between °C and °F)
• Wind direction (digital compass, integrated weather vane)

• Backlit display
• Waterproof and impact-resistant housing
• Shoulder strap
• Integrated hard cover to protect against damage and dirt

Knowing the temperature, humidity and wind speed allows suitable plant spraying parameters such as nozzle, water application rate and driving speed to be determined.
Rule of thumb:
With increasing wind speed, use a larger nozzle at the lowest possible pressure. The daytime wind variations should be taken into account when planning work.
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