Swissinno Anti-mosquito lantern set

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Anti-mosquito lantern including active ingredient for outdoor use, long-lasting effect for up to 4 hours, complete set including candle and active ingredient to repel mosquitoes, protection for approx. 20 square metres, not safe for children, toxic to aquatic organisms with long-term effect
500 g
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Gardening & landscaping (p. 1493)
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Gardening & landscapingPest controlPest control - insectsSWISSINNO anti-mosquito lantern
Including candle and active ingredient for outdoor use

• Ideal for gardens, patios and balconies, also for barbecuing, fishing and camping
• Fast and effective control of annoying mosquitoes
• Long-lasting effect for up to 4 hours with only one repellent plate
• Works using an active substance on a plate which is activated by the heat from the candle
• Efficient mosquito repellent for an area of approx. 20 m²

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