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For Natural Control wasp trap

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Efficient wasp trap with natural bait

The SWISSINNO wasp trap does not contain any chemicals. The natural bait attracts wasps to the trap where they are drowned. The clever design makes the use of poison unnecessary, which helps to protect the environment. The bait also deters bees and protects them from falling into the trap. Easy and effective wasp control. The trap can be hung or placed on the ground 5 to 10 m away from the area requiring protection.

1. Open the Natural Control wasp bait and place it in the trap.
2. Fill the wasp trap with water up to the mark and stir.
3. The trap can then be attached to a tree, post or similar. The twist wire included can be used for this purpose. Place the wasp trap in a sunny location, approx. 5 - 10 m from the area requiring protection.
4. To avoid being stung by wasps in the evening, add water if the level drops below the mark. Replace the bait every 2-3 weeks. To reuse, soak the whole trap in warm soapy water to kill any living insects and clean thoroughly.

• Wasp trap including bait
• Active bee protection in the bait keeps bees away
• Catches annoying wasps
• Non-toxic and effective
• For outdoor use
• Replacement bait available
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