Probst Teleplan manual lifting system TP

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Gardening & landscaping (p. 1322)
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Gardening & landscapingConstruction and laying toolsLifting and laying toolsProbst Vacuum-Handy lifting tool VH/1/25
The low-cost alternative for laying impermeable stone slabs.
To lift or set down stone slabs, operate the vacuum valve with a slight movement of the finger.
The vacuum holding force is generated by simply pressing down and then lifting by hand.

The VH should only be used with impermeable (non-porous) material. Only work close to the ground is permitted.
The device must not be placed on edges as they will permanently deform the vacuum seal.
Either place the device on a flat surface or lay it on its side.

• For laying slabs side by side
• One-person device for transporting light stone slabs across short distances
• Ergonomic working position when laying slabs
• Stone slabs already laid can also be picked up easily
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