GRANIT Capacitor starting aid 12V

Length of starter cable: approx. 380 mm / 6 AWG

Part no.: 7790200005


Further information

Max. starting current (A):
800 CCA
Output voltage (V):
Input voltage (V):
12 / 5
Operating temperature (°C):
-40 -> 65
Technical data:
Startstrom: 800 CCA
Ausgangsspannung: 12 V
Eingangsspannung: 12 V / 5 V (USB)
Betriebstemperatur: - 40°C bis + 65°C
Länge Startkabel: ca. 380 mm / 6 AWG
2,00 kg
EAN codes:
Workshop equipment (p. 116)
To be found in category:
Workshop equipmentBattery technologyStarting aidsCapacitor jump starter 12V
Microprocessor-controlled ultra-capacitors charge immediately from the residual energy of the low battery. The ultra-capacitors store the energy and the vehicle can then be started immediately. Suitable for gasoline and diesel vehicles. Ready for use in seconds. State-of-the-art ultracapacitor technology. No more battery maintenance. Full power even at the lowest temperatures. Space-saving, lightweight and maintenance-free.
- Charge level indicator
- Short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection
- On/off switch
- Preglow button
- Special start mode even without vehicle battery
- Charging via vehicle battery, 12V charging cable or 5V USB socket
- Rubber housing protection
GRANIT replacement parts are not intended to be sold as OEM parts. OEM part numbers are provided for reference purposes only. All prices are in €, excl. VAT. Errors reserved. Delivery subject to availability.