GYS TIG Welding Inverter "TIG 220 AC/DC FV

Without accessories

Part no.: 7790800054

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Dimensions L x W x H (mm):
52 x 40 x 26
Current (A):
10 - 220
Technical data:
- Tack Spot mode (TIG DC) :
Perfect tacking - fast and regular weld spots with low oxidation
- Synergy mode :
Allows automatic parameter selection
- TIG Pulse mode :
Allows welding of workpieces with reduced heat input and facilitates welding of difficult-to-weld metals.
- Ignition modes (TIG) :
TIG HF ignition: Non-contact ignition TIG LIFT ignition: Contact ignition
- E-hand (MMA) with alternating current
Welding without electromagnetic interference of the arc.
Mains voltage (V):
Protection class:
IP 23
Control range (A):
10 - 185 (TIG AC)
10 - 175 (TIG DC)
10 - 170 (MMA)
22,00 kg
EAN codes:
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Industry & workshopWelding technologyWelding equipmentWIG weldingWelding inverter TIG 220 AC/DC
Single-phase AC/DC TIG welding inverter with PFC (Power Factor Correction) for a wide range of welding processes (TIG AC, DC, E-Hand) for welding a wide range of materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper). The powerful and compact TIG 220 AC/DC HF FV is optimal for demanding welding jobs.
The four different waveforms (square, sine, trapezoidal, triangular) for AC welding can be set separately for positive and negative half-wave and combined with each other. This allows the arc characteristics to be influenced from a hard, dynamic arc for improved control of the weld pool to a soft, low-noise arc or even in combination. The adjustment thus optimizes the individual requirements of the welding task or those of the welder with regard to the cleaning effect and/or penetration behavior.
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