GYS Welding machine "MAGYS 500 WS

without accessories, without wire feed case

Part no.: 7790800059

Further information

Dimensions L x W x H (mm):
32 x 28 x 260
Current (A):
45 - 450
Voltage (volts/Hz):
ø 200mm / ø 300mm
Switching stages:
Current requirement (A):
Wire thickness (mm):
0,6 - 1,6
Duty cycle:
410 A - 60% / 450 A - 50%
157,00 kg
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Industry & workshopWelding technologyWelding equipmentMIG/MAG weldingMAGYS 500 WS
The MAGYS 500 WS welding power source, in combination with the WS-4L wire feeder, becomes a three-phase, air-cooled and semi-synergic welding system with high duty cycle. It is ideal for steel, stainless steel and aluminum processing industrial workshops. Equipped with a 10-meter Ø 70 mm² intermediate hose package, it is particularly suitable for intensive welding work up to ø 1.6 mm wire thickness.In "Synergic mode", setting up the machine is quick and easy.Controlled by a microprocessor, the machine automatically adjusts the wire feed speed. This optimizes welding parameters and avoids complicated setting procedures.
There are 4 welding modes:
- 2T: 2-stroke welding.
- 4T: 4-stroke welding, without operating the torch switch.
- Spot: Spot welding with adjustable welding time.
- Delay: Interval welding with adjustable welding and pause time.
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