KS Tools Double suction pad, 80 kg

100 kg, double rod end

• with movable suction cups and quick-release lever ; • ideal for curved windscreens ; • for lifting, carrying and holding ; • for flat and non-porous surfaces ; • special plastic

Part no.: 7881401006


Further information

Load capacity (kg):
Technical data:
Number of heads: 2
Color: red
Material: special plastic
Suction plate diameter: 120 mm
730 g
EAN codes:
Tools (p. 728)
To be found in category:
ToolsSpecial toolsGlazingDouble suction pad set
• With movable suction heads and quick-release lever
• Ideal for curved windscreens
• For lifting, carrying and holding
• For flat and non-porous surfaces
• Special plastic
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